Defending Your Child With Care & Compassion

Children are different.  The legislature adopted a juvenile court system to recognize that youth are different from adults.  This system has the “primary responsibility for being accountable for and responding to the needs of youthful offenders.”  RCW 13.40.010. 

Our passion for juvenile defense began before we were lawyers.  We feel called to serve children who are accused of crimes.  We are dedicated to doing everything in our power to give juvenile offenders the tools they need to succeed and ensure they have a bright future. 

Mankind owes the child the best it has to give …

— United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child (1959)



At Gause Law Offices, we advocate for children who are caught in the juvenile justice system.  We know that juvenile matters are complicated – with family, school, and the law often intersecting.  We know that a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work.  Each child is different; each family is different; and each case requires specific analysis to ensure the best possible result. 

Our passion is to help children and their families navigate the juvenile justice system with the goal of leaving the child and family in a better position than they were when they entered the system.

At our core, we believe that kids should not be locked up, branded with a juvenile record, or forced to endure long-lasting consequences for their juvenile actions.  We fight hard to get your child’s life back on track.  

If your child is arrested or accused of a crime, call Gause Law Offices PLLC.  We can help navigate the best result for your child to ensure a brighter future. 

Highly Recommended!!!
I was in great need of thorough and skilled attorney to seal my Juvenile record. Ms. Gause was exactly that!!! I couldn’t be more pleased with the level of expertise and command of the court room she had.
She’s a fighter and a winner. Best of the best!

5.0 stars
— Posted by Keith November 26, 2016 - Avvo
Fantastic attorney.
I can’t recommend Emily Gause highly enough. She is a compassionate, dedicated, and tough lawyer who always fights for her clients. If you’re facing tough criminal charges, there is no better attorney than Emily to help you in your time of need.
5.0 stars
— Chris, June 4, 2015 - Avvo