Gause Law Offices has a track record of getting the best results for our clients

We take everything to trial unless there is a substantial reduction.
From dismissals to incredible plea bargain deals to not guilty verdicts at trial, trust the experience of Gause Law Offices  

here are just a few of the results we've had for our clients In the last year

  • Six felony cases dismissed outright;
  • Five cases where advocacy and investigation avoided charges from ever being filed;
  • Overturning a lengthy prison sentence with a winning personal restraint petition in the Court of Appeals;
  • Nineteen serious felony cases where our clients were facing substantial prison time and our advocacy resulted in reduced sentences to credit for time served or no additional jail time;
  • Three criminal court cases sealed;
  • Saving our clients over $73,000 in restitution that the government sought from our clients by filing motions objecting to such financial burdens;
  • Seven serious felony cases reduced to misdemeanors;
  • One federal case dismissed outright based on a Brady v. Maryland violation (government misconduct).

The very best I could have hoped for.
Emily was an absolute godsend to me in a nightmare situation. She expertly handled all aspects of my case professionally and with a great deal of compassion. Since I had never been through a legal situation before, she helped me understand the process and she was a tenacious advocate for my innocence. The result was no charges filed and absolutely nothing on my record. She is highly respected by all levels of the legal profession from judges, prosecutors, detectives, and police. If you are looking to hire an attorney, she is definitely worth every single penny. I couldn’t have asked for a better legal counselor. Thank you, Emily. You are amazing.
— 5 Stars, Avvo

I can’t recommend Emily Gause highly enough. She is a compassionate, dedicated, and tough lawyer who always fights for her clients. If you’re facing tough criminal charges, there is no better attorney than Emily to help you in your time of need.
— Chris


Proven Results - Negotiating Favorable Plea Deals

Armed Robbery on the UW campus

A young, promising student athlete was accused of a brazen, armed robbery in the Quad at the University of Washington.  The state's evidence was convincing, and the family did not want to see their son risk a conviction that would send him to prison for 3-4 years.  Our client asked us to plea bargain his case.  We were able to negotiate a favorable deal, and we argued that the local jail sentence should be served through "work release" - an alternative to confinement where a person sleeps at the jail but is released to their regular job during the day.  Through effective advocacy at sentencing, the judge imposed 5 months of work release.  Our client kept his job and was released just on time to see his first son born.  We hope to see him in the NFL one day!

Federal Gun and Drug Charges

Our client was charged with federal conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and possession of a gun in furtherance of drug trafficking (what is called a 924(c) charge).  He was looking at a ten-year mandatory minimum on the drug charge and an additional five-year mandatory minimum on the gun charge.  We dove into reviewing the discovery, the DEA reports and other evidence that the government would use against my client.  We found several issues, drafted a motion to suppress, and aggressively negotiated the case.  Through hard work and a firm stance on behalf of my client, we were able to convince the Assistant United States Attorney to a reduced plea offer.  We capped the government to 96 months (8 years) in the plea agreement, a tactic used to ensure my client knows what the government will be asking for at sentencing.  The judge sentenced my client to six-and-a-half years.  He was overjoyed and thankful that we fought hard for him throughout the process.


To my great relief, Emily M. Gause breaks all the stereotypes of lawyers being cold hearted money hungry sharks. All the fear and anxiety facing life in prison has been overcome solely by the integral performance and fierce attentiveness shown by Emily as my lawyer. Emily quickly checked all the underhandedness of the prosecutor and said, “this type of injustice is exactly why I went to law school.” Emily’s presence quickly reminds you that you’re a human being with rights that will not be violated on her watch. Emily defended me as if she were the one getting life in prison, and she continues to prove that she will not rest until justice is served.
— 4 Stars, Avvo


Aggressive Motion Practice

In a first degree murder case, I wrote extensive pretrial motions, including a motion to admit other suspect evidence and a motion to exclude ER 404(b) evidence. The judge based his decision primarily on the arguments and case law in my legal briefs. The judge ruled favorably for the defense on both motions. The result was that our client was offered a plea deal which would have him released in seven years, rather than the possibility of twenty years or more.

In a three-strikes case where my client was facing life without possibility of parole, I drafted two motions:  a motion to dismiss and a motion to remove consideration of strike offense.  After filing these motions, but before I ever got the chance to argue them, the prosecutor offered us a deal to resolve the case with credit for time served.  My client was released.

In a Violation of Controlled Substance Act offense (VUCSA), I filed a motion to suppress based on an illegal search under the guise of a protective sweep.  After filing the motion I was offered a plea deal of misdemeanor possession.  My client served minimal jail time instead of a possibility of several years in prison.

In most of these cases the mere filing of a motion has resulted in favorable results for my clients. Prosecutors often substantially reduce charges in hopes of avoiding the motion hearing


Effective Trial Attorney

I am a trial attorney, which means I love being in trial.  Not every case will go to trial (in fact, less than 5% of criminal cases go to trial in Washington State). However, when my clients want to go to trial to assert their innocence, they know I am a passionate attorney that is ready to fight.  I have tried many serious, felony cases all around the state.  When we go to trial, you will have a prepared, organized, and diligent attorney ready to make the Government prove every single element against you beyond a reasonable doubt.

I have tried cases with complex mental health issues, skillfully presenting evidence of my client's mental health issues in a way that the judge and jury could easily understand.  I have navigated complicated medical testimony in a "Shaken Baby Syndrome" case, artfully explaining what each medical concept meant to the jurors so they could easily grasp the issues. In 2012, I received an acquittal in a self-defense trial after ensuring that my client's story was explained to the jury in an effective way.   I have also tried murder cases as well as other serious felonies, with victories and favorable results.  

Proven Results - A Passionate Advocate at Sentencing

Eight Counts of Bank Robbery

A family searching for help came to us in desperation after their loved one was arrested for eight counts of bank robbery.  They went to other lawyers before meeting us, and were told by everyone that their loved one would spend 40-60 years in prison.  After spending significant time with the family and client, it became clear that my client had a pathological gambling addiction that led him to become so desperate for money that he felt compelled to rob these banks.  We employed a psychologist to evaluate our client and obtained an evaluation describing the gambling addiction and how debilitating it was to my client's ability to make rational decisions.  I was able to aggressively negotiate the case, almost leading right up to trial, and got my client into a 108-144 month range.  Then, I zealously advocated for an "exceptional low" sentence (a sentence below the standard range).  Although these exceptional sentences are rarely given, the judge was compelled by my argument, the circumstances surrounding the offense, and the many reasons my client deserved leniency.  The judge gave us an exceptional sentence!  My client will be out of prison in just 4 years.