Our Approach to Every Case


At the Gause Law Offices, we truly fight for our clients. We have garnered a reputation in the legal community for being aggressive and diligent in defending our juvenile and adult clients from serious charges.

We do this by:

  • Reviewing all discovery with you, working with you to devise an investigation plan and craft the most effective defense strategy;   
  • Conducting an extensive investigation, including well-prepared interviews with all state witnesses;
  • Filing persuasive motions to dismiss the case or to suppress evidence; 
  • Aggressively negotiating with the prosecutor - a plea bargain must actually be a bargain (a substantial reduction in severity of charges or length of sentence) or we go to trial and make the Government prove every element;
  • Presenting a mitigation package including letters from family, friends and employers;
  • Advocating for the best outcome for juvenile clients including treatment programs, community service and other non-custodial sentences to make every effort to ensure teens to stay in their communities and stay in school;
  • Devising winning trial strategy that includes a cohesive theme from jury selection, to opening, to cross examination and finally to closing argument.

Emily Gause has a deep passion and ambition that many attorneys don’t have. I trusted her and knew that she would aggressively fight for my husbands life. Ms Gause was always professional and prompt, but what meant the most to me was that she actually cared about the outcome of his case.
— Client's wife, Felony Murder
Highly Recommended!!!
I was in great need of thorough and skilled attorney to seal my Juvenile record. Ms. Gause was exactly that!!! I couldn’t be more pleased with the level of expertise and command of the court room she had.
She’s a fighter and a winner. Best of the best!
— 5 Stars, Avvo


  • Petitions for Review
  • Personal Restraint Petitions
  • Vacating a criminal conviction
  • Sealing a criminal record
  • Criminal Appeals
  • Restoring gun rights
  • Sex offender registration removal
  • Someone called the police and accused you of a crime
  • You were arrested, but charges have not yet been filed
  • Police asked you to submit to an interview (interrogation)
  • You have questions about potential criminal liability